The biggest sleddograce in Germany

2. bosch-German-Rennsteig-Open

from 01.02. – 14.02. 2015

About the Race :

Togehter with Tolerance a lot of Fun and Teamwork we will pass the Rennsteig into 2 weeks.

The idea to create a middle-distance-stage-race in Germany which is open for all breeds, is born in 2013. Unfortunalty the Pirena-Race in Spain is closed down in 2012. Their is missing a sprint-to-middledistance-stage-race and the best month for snow in Germany becomes free.

Alpentrail and Pirena offers us interesting mountain-trips, at Norwaytrail we can enjoy the big wide Fjälls, at Vindelävsdraget we race with highspeed on the river and at 2. bosch-German-Rennsteig-Open we will drive through the exciting Forest-Winterlandscape.

We hope that we have found a concet for the race, that will be a challenge for all participates and for newcomers an easy entrance to middle-distance-stage-races.

All envolved people from the 1. bosch-German-Rennsteig-Open are with us again – so we are very proud to present the 2. bosch-German-Rennsteig-Open.

your Orga-Team,
Tamara and Sebastian,
and your Trail-Boss Joachim Müller.